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Teas to draw you

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A boutique tea company located in Vancouver, Fifth Limb is inspired by the ancient yogic tradition of Pratyahara, which means “to draw inward”.

Each of Fifth Limb’s teas is blended to help you access a place of calm and serenity wherever and whenever you like.

These therapeutic, vital tea blends will help you step back from the hyper-stimulation of our modern day-to-day, and be more tuned in to your Self.

The result is more happiness, more peace, and the potential to be a more positive force in the world.

Yes. Tea really is that powerful.


vital tea blends to help you access your calm, on demand.

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about us


therapeutic tea blends crafted by a true tea lover.

Our Founder has been blending teas for well over ten years. Growing up, he began crafting unique fusions of herbs and teas to address different maladies of both body and mind.

To him, tea slowly progressed from hobby to therapeutic ritual.

After travelling the world and living in many vibrant cities, he found himself in Rishikesh where he discovered the practice of Ashtanga yoga. It was there he learned about the Eight Limbs of Yoga, and connected most with the Fifth Limb, which means to “draw inward”.

As much as tea has shaped his life, so has yoga, and he’s combined these two transformative passions to create Fifth Limb.